Selection of nude woman medals.

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GASTRONOMY. Bronze Medal by P. Lenoir, ND. Obv: Two nude women kneeling face to face, holding together a basket of fruits. Rev: Dedicated to: "Les Gastronomes régionalistes au Prince Curnonsky". Bronze. 50 grams. 49.5 mm. Extremely Fine. Small finger prints and a light brown patina. Rare with this dedication to Prince Curnonsky. Maurice Edmond Saillant (1872-1956), better known by his nickname "Curnonsky" was the most celebrated writer on gastronomy in France in the 20th Century. He is considered as the inventor of gastronomic motor-tourism, popularized by Michelin. Called the Prince-elect of gastronomy (Prince-élu de la Gastronomie) or of gastronomes, he had in fact been duly elected in a poll of 3,000 chefs held by Paris-Soir in 1927. "La cuisine, c'est quand les choses ont le goût de ce qu'elles sont", Good cooking is when things taste of what they are.

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